Recommended Reading List

Below is a compilation of books recommended by Hypnobabies as well as books recommended by the Kansas City Hypnobabies instructors. At the Amazon links you can read reviews that can help you decide which books you would like to read whether purchased or from your local library. You can also ask your instructor if they have a copy in their student library that they can lend you.

Birth Empowerment:




For Mom:

And Now a Word of Caution:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting- pregnancy is not a disease in need of a cure; you need to expect and hear positive messages about pregnancy and childbirth.

On Becoming Babywise- According to the American Academy of Pediatrics website, “On Becoming Babywise, has raised concern among pediatricians because it outlines an infant feeding program that has been associated with failure to thrive (FTT), poor milk supply failure, and involuntary early weaning. A Forsyth Medical Hospital Review Committee, in Winston-Salem N.C., has listed 11 areas in which the program is inadequately supported by conventional medical practice. The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Orange County, Calif., stated its concern after physicians called them with reports of dehydration, slow growth and development, and FTT associated with the program.


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